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“I have know Lisa for over 17 years. Her passion for health, food and a mind body living  approach is extremely inspiring to me.  Lisa’s  incredible  food, innovative recipes are nothing more than YUM!  I have always felt supported in my journey with her in many ways and know she is there with a listening ear and a warm heart for my concerns and questions” 

Geralyn Duffy

"I am so grateful to have Chef Lisa in my life for the past 35 years.  Not only is she the greatest friend, she is a very dedicated and talented chef.  Whenever she hosts a dinner, the food is absolutely delicious, there is always something you can learn from her, whether it be a culinary tip or expert advice on the health benefits of certain foods"

Laurie Dombroski

"Chef Lisa helped create our homemade soup & salad menu for my gourmet deli.  She developed unique items that are both healthy & delicious.  Lisa has a knack for combining ingredients that turns ordinary items into extrodinary meals.   Her talents extend from menu creation to shopping to executing events.   My sister and I always joke that Lisa can talk food for days, she was a foodie before their was foodies!  And our mom was always proudest of her love for food.  She has inspired my kids to try new foods and enjoy time in the kitchen with their aunt!"

Torva Durkin "its an inside job" aka Barbie

"I have personally been lucky enough to witness and experience Lisa’s intellect, skills, and passion for her love of cooking. Many people have knowledge but her love of what she does translates to the dishes she creates.  Her years of experience are shown in every dish she creates and the flavors are amazing.  As a health conscious individual, who is also a foodie, my favorite gift of the year is one that comes from Lisa, cooking my birthday dinner.  I look forward to it I never ask what she’s cooking,  I’m just so excited to see what I’m going have for dinner through her creativity.  I highly recommend Lisa, regarding her skill of cooking and knowledge... but most of all her love and passion" 

Toni Loyas

"Lisa is a knowledgeable and creative source for all food & dietary related needs. She has helped me turn comfort food recipes into modern, healthy delicious meals!  Lisa can break down the contents of recipes and substitute readily available ingredients that complement the dish. When I have had questions about sourcing items/ingredients, Lisa is my “go-to-person” and her insights about local food availability & vendors is exceptional.  Lisa came to my home and helped my husband learn his way around our kitchen.  She made each session fun and educational.  After the hands on cooking sessions, he had a level of enthusiasm for cooking that I had never seen."

Susan D.

"Whenever I am considering introducing a new program, particularly one that directly impacts my health, I automatically ask can I trust the people or organization to be who they say they are and will they deliver what they promise. I can say without reservation that Lisa DeNiear is a professional who can be trusted at the highest level. For over a decade I have observed how Lisa conducts her life both personally and professionally. She is unquestionably focused, smart, informed and well-prepared in her field. Her commitment to all aspects of wellness has been a theme she has successfully pursued from sourcing ingredients to recognizing the individual nutritional and health needs of her clients. There can be no better person equipped to make a much-needed difference in the health of others than Lisa."

Charlene A. Kelemen Ed.D

"As a dinnerware designer, I have the pleasure of Lisa contributing her lovely ideas to my designs.  She contributes a world of delight and a good life.  I consult with her because of the wisdom and joy she brings to my business and ultimately to the homes of others. Lisa has an abundance of thoughtful wonder."

Linda Celentano

"My sister Lisa has introduced me to dishes that I have never experienced.  Even something as simple as quinoa, I have been able to enjoy because of her help.  As a young woman, my sister cooked for all of us after our Mother passed away.  I love her cooking and I love getting new ideas and help from her." 

Tammy Smith

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